Remote PC Repair Service

No Fix – No Fees – Guaranteed


Here at Diy Computer Repairs, we realise that not everyone is up to speed on being able to deal with a whole range of computer system errors, eg. slow computer, spyware infection, virus infection, corrupt files, corrupt registry, browser hyjackers, root kit removal, software install / uninstall etc. Therefore we have decided to offer a new service to those that need it.


Remote PC Repair Service

If your having problems with your PC then instead of having to disconnect all the wiring and then lug your PC to your nearest PC repair shop, why not save your self time, hassle & money by trying our Remote PC Repair Service.

Less hassle as we do the repair at your own home, by connecting to your PC remotely !

Totally secure as you are able to sit and watch as our technicians control your computer using our keyboard, mouse & screen, we can also remotely download any software needed in order to deal with your problems ! You can ask questions via messenger or even by just writing on a notepad that we set up on your desktop.

Much cheaper than tech call out or taking your PC to the shop for repair, simply because there is no travelling involved & very little overheads for us to have to cover !

Note: This method of repair cannot deal with mechanical breakdowns, although it is an excellent tool for diagnostics. However it is an ideal method & highly recommended for the following errors;

PC ManiacSpyware Infection –Virus Infection – Browser Hyjackers

Screen Popups – Slow Boot Up – Slow Shut Down – Corrupt Registry

Corrupt System Files – Software Install – Software Uninstall


We can even guide you through the connection and installation of various computer peripherals like printers, scanners, webcams etc and if you have a fairly new computer system we can show you how to set it up correctly so that you get the best performance, reliability & ease of use. A little like having your own personal IT tutor on call to show you what to do !!!

No Fix – No Fees – Guaranteed

So confident are we that we can fix your PC & cure any of the above errors, that we are prepared to offer you a no fix no fees guarantee, so even if our technicians spend 2 or 3 hours attempting to fix your computer & they happen to be unsuccessful, then you owe us nothing at all. As previously stated there are only certain errors or problems that can be dealt with by using this method. In order to find out if your problems can be fixed remotely, just contact one of our techs for free advice.

Our fees are flat rated & remember no fix no fee. So no matter how long our technician spends working on your PC, you will never pay  more than the agreed fee. (payable through Paypal)

pingboxIf you have any questions or would like to avail of this service then either;

1. Contact one of our technicians using the ping box on the right hand side of your screen.

2. If you have Yahoo messenger you can add us as a contact, our I.D. is DiyCompRep 

3. You can email us using admin@diy-computer-repairs.com & using “Remote repair” in the subject heading.

We will get back to you ASAP & always within 24hrs.


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6 Comments for “Remote PC Repair Service”

  1. James Musslewhite

    I have had problems with my PC for over 3 weeks. I took it to the computer department of one of the larger National chains, where after 4 days they returned it with a $50 service fee and the recommendation to purchase one of their computers ( they would deduct my service fee from the cost of the new computer). They said the computer had corrupted Registry and System files. I no longer have the boot disk and XP disk, lost them in a move. Took it to another store who told me it would probably cost in excess of $75 to repair.

    I could still browse the internet with the PC where I came across you Website. I was on a computer Blog site and a member was raving how good you site was. I looked at you site and was impressed with your “no fix no fee” policy. I decided to use your service, and I am very glad I did. You fixed my computer!!! Thank you because my PC runs like it is a new computer again. It is the best $25 I have spent in a long while, it saved me hundreds.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    James Musslewhite
    Extremely happy customer

    P.S. Do you have a program that fixes cars too…hehehe

  2. Hey Fred,

    Thanks for the comment, glad to be of service.

  3. Hi james,

    As I said if you run that program at least once a week, it should keep your system nice and clean in the future.

    Oh and no! sorry we don’t do cars hahaha

  4. Thanks for this infprmation

  5. No probs, your welcome ! Oh & thanks for the idea for the image !

  6. This is really good to know, booked marked just incase I need your services in the future, but I hope I don’t ;-)


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