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Hotmail was once the pioneer of web based email from Microsoft. Microsoft has made a determined step to convert Hotmail to Outlook.com. There are a lot of people who do not even know about the intention to do a conversion to Outlook.com.


Given Microsoft’s style of working, it should have lots of advertising to inform the general public of the change. However, despite the fact that outlook.com is already fully operational, I am sure all of you will agree that we heard no news of the launch of the new email.



The new Microsoft’s email, named “Outlook.com” makes it seemingly correct to assume that this webmail will be integrated into the Office 365 suite. Thus, this will mechanically, drive plenty of users to use their new email without the user realizing what is going on.


The intention to perform a transition isn’t obvious either, it’s not like what most firms will have pop notification message telling you about the new system. Any kind of notice or indication of such a modification is completely missing or not obvious.


In this article, i’ll show you how to proceed with the switch to the new Outlook.com.


Convert Hotmail To Outlook.com



Simply login to your Hotmail like how you commonly do, all you have to do is merely click on the “Inbox” to look at your mail. Click on the the “Options” link located at the most right corner of the page.



The first look of the new Microsoft’s email interface has an uncanny alikeness to the Google’s Gmail, except that it’s of a very totally different colour scheme besprent with a splash of Windows 8 Metro tiles. However, the new Outlook.com boasts of a bunch of extra new options.


Besides having the ability to try and do the same old sending and transfer of mail from alternative accounts, it permits you to integrate with Messenger and Facebook Chat. The electronic communication feature permits you to speak with plenty of messaging service, this implies that you simply are going to be able to talk to all your friends via one email interface, irregardless the chat client he’ favouring.



The new improved Outlook.com retains the “Sweep” feature that enables you to get rid of all emails that are sent from one email address. This can be helpful for clearing spam. You can additionally schedule removal of monthly newsletters.


Additional options like SkyDrive, Calendar and Skype Video calls are within the agenda to be enclosed into the new Outlook.com. However it’ll take a moment before all the options are totally in-cooperated.


You can still stick with Hotmail if you do not want to upgrade, Hotmail will be here for quite a while as Microsoft has no intention to get rid of it nevertheless.


Based on initial impression, the Outlook.com appearance looks promising. although Gmail can still be my primary mail since I am an Android user, everything evolves around Google accounts. Still, it’s a good effort by Microsoft to create enhancements to their dying email.

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