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While this word “Google +” may sound totally alien to you, get ready for it because this is the new social network site that Google is coming up with to take on the notorious facebook that is already the gang leader of the social network community. While a lot of tech geeks are skeptical about how Google is supposed to snatch the general public off facebook when so many people are already hooked to facebook like addicts on heroin.


No matter what, Google is bent on taking facebook head on in this fight by dishing out its own social networking platform called the Google +. Google has already decided to make the Google + an inclusive app and feature in all Android devices. Old models will be given the option to install it as an app.


Netizens may be quick to blast this action as copycat. But it looks like this Google + has managed to come up with ways to make it special and different from facebook. Here are some great features that facebook do not have.


1. Set restrictions on your posts.


A lot of times, you find your photos of posts being commented by almost everyone who you may not know too well. At times, even to the extend of being re-posted by another person on his wall.


If this picture is a real dumb ass looking picture where you only want to share with close friends and it ends up being the winning article of online sharing sites like lolsnaps or yahoo images. It is not going to be funny anymore.


You can restrict the sharing of that post, strictly only to a few individuals or a group of people. Even if those individuals have made a comment on the picture, his circle of friends will never be able to see what he commented on.



2. Post feeds and updates automatically

There is a new service by Google called Sparks, this service will allow you to set topics or subjects for it to check daily for updates and post it on your profile. So that if you wish to read the latest information from Cnet or the latest Youtube video from a particular channel, all you need to do is set Sparks to download the latest piece of information and post it on your wall. That way, the only place you need to go for all the information you wish to read everyday is your own Google + profile wall.


3. Multiple video chat conferencing

Google video chat feature allows multiple chatting support up to 10 users. Where in the world can you find such an awesome program to create such a massive video chat room. Currently facebook only supports video chat between 2 individuals.


4. Sorting the permissions


Even though facebook has such a function too, Google has made it even easier. All you need to do is create something called “Circles”, which you can actually call them facebook friends list. But for a facebook friends list, you need to open up and start filtering through your friends and add or remove them from a list. With Google “Circles”, all your friends show up as an icon in those Circles, and you can drag and drop your contacts between those “Circles”. After which you simply set the permissions and restrictions of that “Circle” and all those friends will have access to what you allow or disallow.

It works pretty much similar to how the iPhone, where by you tap and hold the app icons and drag them around to organize them. It is a lot easier to prevent your parents from prying into your personal life this way.



5. Group Chat


While chat functions in a social networking site is no big deal, Google has incorporated a new concept where anyone can invite your own friends to join a group conversation even if they are not friends of one another.



While all these features seem awesome and jaw dropping, a lot of facebook features like event planning, games, and the ability to do all kinds of punch poke and make fun of your friends seem to be lacking.


If the day should come where Google includes every functionality that a facebook has. Maybe then, facebook users may start migrating over to the Google platform.

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