Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger 2.1A 1.0APortable External Battery Charger for Samsung, iPhone

The Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger 2.1A 1.0APortable External Battery Charger for Samsung, iPhone is yet another high quality computer hardware component being offered with an astonishingly discounted price, making this hardware outstanding value for money!

Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this item of hardware. If you haven’t already researched this hardware, then just take a few minutes to browse the Buyer Testimonials


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Powerbank Features

  • Powerful 10000mAh external mobile battery charger fits for most digital devices
  • High-speed 2.1A & 1.0A USB ports to charge two devices at once
  • Equipped with 4 LED to display power
  • Quickly and effectively solves the low power problem for your device when travel out
  • Superb IC short circuit protection ensures its safety

Product Description

Only .99 for 7 days!
This high capacity 10000mAh external mobile battery charger features a high performance Grand-A cell which ensures along term use . The equipped with two USB ports allow you to charge two digital devices at the same ti…
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Powerbank Choices & Selection

The huge number of choices out there can be extremely off putting, subsequently we have detailed a variety of comparable devices along with their features & technical specs, so that you can consider similar items and come to the best decision, on which item best satisfies your needs.

Then again, you might have already made up your mind about a certain Powerbank, in which case let me just say that aside from some terrific computer hardware, the deals quoted on this website are very often the lowest prices currently available & will often include free postage within the USA.

Frequently these components can carry a fairly substantial price tag, therefore in an effort to protect our readers, we would certainly advise against impulse buying & would usually encourage acquiring as much information as possible, before making any decisions to buy this product. Nevertheless you are always assured of A1 quality items at highly discounted prices.

Customer Reviews

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Powerbank Related Video

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For this reason we would advise that wherever feasible our readers ought to check out the short video clips presented, in order to discover as much insight as is possible on this Powerbank.

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22 Comments for “Breett 10000mAh Power Bank Dual-Port USB Charger 2.1A 1.0APortable External Battery Charger for Samsung, iPhone”

  1. Alpha Thelos

    how many hours do you charge the power bank

  2. عبدالرحمن العودة


  3. Sharine Xiang

    power bank manufacturer in Shenzhen China, Each of our product MUST be
    tested 6-7 hours before delivery to ensure our every products doesn’t exsit
    quality issues!
    for more details, see you on skype: my skype ID is: sharine1107 

  4. Валентин Денисов

    Did anyone notice the video was posted a year ago and he has an iPhone 5or4
    with lightning port

  5. manueljesusarredondo

    nice, I’ve never used a power bank… I guess I’m gonna need one.. I wonder
    if I can use my phone while charging it with one before the battery dies

  6. Hannsen Lim

    its 10,000mAh but whats the actual capacity, can u really use the whole

  7. Luke Zerwic

    What is this product called. I want to get this

  8. ImproveOrElse

    Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find a link for the
    Power Bank (10,000 Mah) product that you were demonstrating.

  9. Nick Newlin

    But why are batteries so big and expensive D:

  10. 4.5″x 2.8″ x .55″.

  11. hallo we are a professional of wireless power bank with factory price .If
    you are interested please contact with me skype is conniezhang2012

  12. Mine when received there’s dents ( weak material )

  13. This guy sounds kind of like Jessee Pinkman from breaking bad. In fact, he
    speaks kind of like Jessee Pinkman from breaking bad.

  14. DragonFlame324


  15. robintomer61

    Awese but what is price

  16. Zeeshan Hussain

    Cool vid

  17. Craig Gentle

    POWER BANK 10000mAh for iPod iPhone Smartphones

  18. Good review covering the essential information I need. Great audio and
    video. I think you read the low end lights for the lower end of the
    charging percentage and the high end for the higher percentages. I think.

  19. IHaveAnEvo1

    you can put it in your pocket I do not know the exact dimensions

  20. IHaveAnEvo1

    thanks man

  21. IHaveAnEvo1

    no it is more like 8500 mah

  22. IHaveAnEvo1


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