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If you are the sort who wants your children, boy friend or girl friend to report their location to you all the time and yet do not want to be annoying by calling him/her all the time, here are some of the best apps that track location of someone using their mobile phone. Even though there are apps such as facebook or foursquare that uses some form of system called “check-ins”, such a system requires manual entry and if the person do not activate it, you will not know where he or her is.


The best apps that track location recommended here come with auto detection feature and will function even if the user shuts down the app from his mobile phone. But of course, certain settings will have to be configured first from his phone before all this will work flawlessly.



Family Tracker


source: www.cnet.com

Family Tracker is a useful app that is similar to the Google Latitude except that your data will not be tracked by Google or stored in their servers. This app works even if it is shut down, the person holding the phone won’t even know that this app is running at all.  The i-OS version allows will require the end user to acknowledge a “ping” message before it will send out information to the receiving end.  But the Android version works in total stealth without any trace of it functioning at all.  It will allow you to monitor via any web browser or a mobile device. It works on both Android and iPhone. The app works even if the app has been shut down. This will work only if you enable notifications in the app.


WRU Lite


source: Google Play Store

This app is a simple lightweight location app that will only report the location and where abouts of the other party. You do not need to install this on both phones. Only the phone that needs to report his location will require this app to be installed. All you need to do is turn on your GPS. When the person wants to know your location, he simply sends and SMS to you. And you use the WRU Lite app to reply an SMS of your current location. The SMS will come with a link that the other user can open with Google Maps to check where you are.


Pro Track Lite


Pro Track Lite is another useful app that runs in the background. This app tracks all movement into a log file so that you can refer to the list later. The “target” device will need to have its GPS turned on before this program can work. But it is a simple app that does not grant you access to the logs via browser or any other device.


WAY GPS Phone Tracking


source: Google Play Store

This app is a super undetectable software that will not even list itself as an installed app in your list of apps. Even if you are able to see it in the list of installed software, you will only see the app in an abbreviated name called “Way/s”. This makes it almost impossible for any “victim” to even detect this software being used at all. After installing this software, you will need to reboot your device at least once. After that you will need to enter an email address and password. This will allow you to log in to whereareyougps.com , where by you are allowed to track this device from any browser.



Google Maps


Google Maps is often mistaken as the app that only allows you to find your way around. It also comes with a software called Google Latitude service that will update your position constantly. All it takes is for the user to join the Latitude service and add whoever you wish to allow to track as friends. Then the other person will be able to track who you are and where you are going. It even allows you to get to the persons location by showing you how to get to that person with directions how far you are from that person.




Glympse is a very simple app that does not contain a lot of fancy features. All it does is allow the end user to send out a sms or email to the recipient. You can pre-set all these before hand and when the time comes, simply send out your location with a touch of a button. The up-side of this app is that it does not require you to sign up for any username or sign in to any account. This app also allows you to check the location via a web browser.


Family Locator +


This app is another cloak tracking software that can be hidden when installed on the target’s device. But it comes with a check in button and a panic button if you choose to set it visible to the user. This panic button can be very useful because if the person is in trouble, pressing the button activates a mass spam alert that will alert everyone that the user sets as her close ones.


This app even comes with advanced features such as Geo Fencing which will allow you to track even how much time your love ones are supposed to be at a particular area and such be leaving soon. If she did not leave the place in a stipulated timing, perhaps you can call to check if the person is okay.

These are some of the best apps that track location.  With advance smart phones out there.  Who needs to buy one extra GPS or resort to a street directory.  It puts your mind at ease knowing your kids location in real time without losing sleep staying up waiting for them to come home anymore.

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  1. Cool, thanks for posting these. I’ve been wondering what’s out there. These seem like really creative location-based apps, especially for the every day man. I’ve been looking into getting a few real-time GPS trackers for certain valuables I own, such as my car. And I love the idea that I can view not just where I am, but also where those devices are, all on my phone. Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to look into the Family Tracker one, and the Family Locator one.

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