[Upgraded Version & All Smart Ports] Anker® 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh Portable External Battery USB Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology for Apple iPhone 5s 5c 5; iPad Air mini; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4; Note 3 2; Tab 3 2, Google Nexus and More (Black)

The [Upgraded Version & All Smart Ports] Anker® 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh Portable External Battery USB Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology for Apple iPhone 5s 5c 5; iPad Air mini; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4; Note 3 2; Tab 3 2, Google Nexus and More (Black) is yet one more excellent computer hardware component now offered with an amazingly discounted price, thus, making this product outstanding value for money!

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Portable Battery
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Portable Battery Features

  • PowerIQ™ technology intelligently communicates with connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (Max speed of 4 Amps among 3 ports).
  • 12000 mAh of capacity and an energy efficiency rate 10% above previous generation Astros and many current standard alternatives charges the iPhone six times and large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 almost four times.
  • A ”shake” starts a charge or displays the remaining power level. The ultra-low power consumption (100000 shakes consume less than 1%) 10-LED power meter balances accuracy and aesthetics.
  • Sturdy construction and matte finish withstand bumps and drops. Grade A cells and premium chips ensure reliability. Input: 5V / 2A; Use a 2A adapter (not included) with the included USB cable for the fastest charging time (9 hours).
  • Package contents: Anker® 2nd Generation Astro3 External Battery, travel bag, micro USB cable, user manual. (Apple adapters and Samsung 30-pin adapter not included)

Product Description

The all-new 2nd generation Anker® Astro3 recasts the possibilities of mobile power.

PowerIQ™: Compatibility maximized.
Not all charging ports are created equal. Standard ports only charge Apple OR Android devices at full speed. But with …
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Portable Battery Choices & Selection

The shear number of choices to choose from can be quite off putting, because of this we have now listed a number of equivalent hardwares with their features & specifications, so that you can compare similar hardwares and arrive at a knowledgeable decision, on which item best satisfies your requirements.

Having said that, you might have already made up your mind regarding a particular Portable Battery, in which case let me just say that apart from some terrific computer parts, the price tags quoted on this site are more often than not the very best prices currently available & will frequently include free delivery throughout the United States.

Frequently these items can carry a fairly high price tag, therefore in an effort to protect our readers, we would invariably advise against impulse buying & would typically suggest getting as much knowledge as you possibly can, before making any decisions to buy this product. Nevertheless you are always assured of top quality products at very reasonable prices.

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Portable Battery Related Video

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Because of this we might recommend that wherever possible our viewers should view the brief videos presented, in an effort to obtain as much insight as they possibly can on this Portable Battery.

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17 Comments for “[Upgraded Version & All Smart Ports] Anker® 2nd Gen Astro3 12000mAh Portable External Battery USB Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology for Apple iPhone 5s 5c 5; iPad Air mini; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4; Note 3 2; Tab 3 2, Google Nexus and More (Black)”

  1. Leighton Clary

    Where did you get it?

  2. SoldiersSoul

    When charging the LED stays Red.. It’s been charging for almost 8 hours and
    the LED Is still red, how do i know when its done?

  3. Charlielikesboys123

    How many hours do u charge the device?

  4. Scott Dilley

    I agree with Daniel wtf

  5. Daniel Evanowski

    DealExtremeDV, I have the “user manual”, like your video, totally useless.
    Definitely missing something in the translation. For example, “Full charge,
    three LED power indicator exhibit lanterns Chang Liang flicker.” What is
    a Chang Liang flicker?!

  6. This is robbery and Ill be requesting a refund. its been charging and still
    doesn’t work. And guess what? Like all the other comments. No user manual..

  7. Daniel Evanowski

    That was totally useless!

  8. Erik Menchaca

    Can you provide a CS phone#? Please, Thanks

  9. How do you charge it when you first get it?

  10. DealeXtreme DV

    Hey dear, there’s a user manual in it. You need to charge the battery
    first, then you can use the battery to charge your phone when you are
    outside or on travel etc.

  11. Ardini Jiaxuan JxaXuan

    How to use it?

  12. llamatastic

    mine did not come with a user manual. when I plug it in it’s a red light.
    then when I unplug it it does not turn blue at all (like yours does). When
    I plug it in to my phone it doesn’t do anything. What’s wrong?

  13. DealeXtreme DV

    Hey dear friend, please charge the external battery first, then use the
    battery to charge your electronic devices.

  14. MrHighflyer98

    How long does an ipod take to charge from this

  15. Roxana Alvarez

    How do I charge the external battery?

  16. Aidil Adnan

    Is there any technique on turning it on and off again?

  17. llamatastic

    I got one of these recently – how do you know when it is charged? It isn’t
    yet working to charge my phone.

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