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iPad 3 or The New iPad, whatever the name is not important. The latest 3rd version of the much anticipated iPad is given a very strange name. By calling it The New iPad, we are expecting a whole new product all together, but it looks like Apple fan boys will be disappointed. In fact, there is totally almost no new technology added to this device, unless you want to consider the A5X chip which claims to have 4 graphics engine. Lets take a look at some of the added features in The New iPad.


Retina Display


source: http://www.apple.com


Retina Display has been a staple dish of the iPhone and the i believe the reason why it is not added to the iPad in the past versions is because the screen is large enough to omit the need for that extra ting of clarity. iPhone has a small screen as compared to the other brands of smartphones out there, and thus it needs to be added so as not to lose out in the competition. Adding it into the The New iPad now seems a bit too late to get back it’s ground. Personally, my feel is that it should be added in the last iPad 2.  While other brands are using Super AMOLED, Apple simply sticks to its Retina Display.  While it may be true that the Retina Display offers a slightly better resolution, it loses in outdoor performance when you attempt to use it directly under the sun.




5 Megapixel camera


The New iPad improves a little by adding a 5 megapixel camera. The front facing camera stays put as a VGA camera. Sometimes I just do not understand why Apple just can’t keep up with the technology. If you can put an 8 Megapixel camera in the iPhone 4S which was released much earlier, why not do the same for The New iPad.


A5X Chip


Source: en.wikipedia.org


The New iPad comes with a A5X chip which touts a quad graphics engine. The speed of the processor is unknown. I assume it stays the same as a dual 1 Ghz or else based on Apple’s character, they will boast it as the biggest thing in this world like never before. I am not too sure why is that a need to brag that the graphics engine is quad core, the Nivida Tegra 3 chips in Samsung Galaxy S II has the same amount of graphics core but it has a faster 1.2 Ghz duo core CPU.  In fact the latest galaxy Note runs on a 1.4Ghz duo core CPU.  I believe that graphics and CPU work together, no point having a top notch video card when you do not improve on your CPU



Voice Dictation


If they call this a new feature, it only left my mouth hanging open. Windows had something called the Narrator a long time back. Of course, Apple will make their narrator one of the best out there. I am expecting a Siri included in The New iPad, but I am so disappointed. There is no Siri included.



LTE Support


This is called 4G network which the Apple fan boys have been sticking their neck out hoping that the iPhone 4S will support. Seriously, I don’t understand why can’t they include it in the iPhone 4S. Anyway, the LTE support is not available in every country and so some users in the wrong region will have to stick to 3G for the time being.




One thing that I am utterly disappointed with Apple now is that they seem to be running into major glaring bugs when they release their product.  Such as, Siri not being able to work with English speaking Asians, iPhone 4 with the antenna problem and now a overheating saga which will cause the whole iPad to shut down.  You need to wait for it to cool down before you can use it again.  And this will occur around half an hours time of use.  My question to Apple is that did they even test the final product at all?


Source: http://www.apple.com


My final verdict on The New iPad is that it is not worth the bacon. If you have already owned the iPad 1 or iPad 2. I think you might want to hold on for a while till perhaps another version called The New iPad 2 or somthing. I recommend Android tablets instead since the latest tablets are going to run the latest Android 4.0 OS which is fast and it still provides full flash support. Best of all, it cost a whole lot less then the iPad.  One lesson we learn here is that there is no rush to go queue for the latest Apple products.  You never know what bugs it has in there, might as well wait for the product to be perfected before buying it.

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