Tech Tips Part 2

DIY Tech Tips Part 2

I hope you did not wait long for this Tech Tips Part 2.  As usual, most of these tips are very handy in your daily life and are also easy to apply and are not too complex for even a noob to understand.  In case you have not read Tech Tips Part 1, you can read it here.

Using iPad As Monitor

The iPad is not just a device on its own, it can turn itself into a monitor for you to use as a second screen. Best of all, this extra monitor is a touch screen capable one. All you need to do is to download the app called “Air Display”. Both the computer and the iPad will need to be on the same wireless network before this app can work. After which, follow the instructions to install the software required for the Windows machine or the Mac OS.

Wi-Fi extension

If you find yourself losing connection due to a weak Wi-Fi connection, there are ways to extend the Wi-Fi coverage effortlessly. Gone are the days where you need to pull lengthy Ethernet cables across the house so that the router sits at a magical spot in the house that can serve all computers equal Wi-Fi strength.

Making use something called the homeplug AV is the best way to extend the Wi-Fi coverage. These adapters come in pairs, simply have one plugged into the power socket near the router and connect one Ethernet cable to link up the homeplug AV with the router. Then take the other one and plug it into any electrical socket in the house that you intend to have the extension of the Wi-Fi signal and bingo, the adapter instantly turns into an Ethernet port. Some models even come with Wi-Fi capabilities.

Keep the laptop awake

Most laptops by default enter sleep mode when you close the lid, this is a big problem if you intend to download something and do not want to leave the laptop opened. Go to the Control Panel => Power Options. Click on “Choose what closing the lid does” and change it to “Do nothing”. Now you can have a download on the go undisrupted even if you are traveling in a bus.

Making use of a multi-SIM

Most of us have more then one gadget or device to check email or read online news. Examples would be a smartphone, a laptop with a SIM card slot or an iPad. These devices will require a data plan. But if you already have a mobile line that comes with a data plan and you cannot exceed the data cap no matter how you use. Sign up for a multi-SIM package. This will allow you to get an additional SIM card of the same phone number for you to insert into another device that requires only the data plan. In that way, you do not need to sign up for another number just for another device.


We are always rushing for time, sometimes there may be something interesting on the internet that you may want to read later on when you have more time, book marking that page is one primitive approach. Now you can use a free app called “Instapaper”. Sign up for a free account with Instapaper.com and next time if you come across something that you want to read later on, just tap on a button and it will be saved to your online account. You can browse through them slowly later on with any browser or via the iPhone app.

Navigate through your iPhone apps even faster

Users of iPhone / iPad / iPod touch will know that the numbers of pages of apps are indicated with small dots at the bottom of the screen above the dock. Most users will swipe the screen to get to the other pages of the apps. But do you know that you can simply tap the right or the left side of those dots to access the pages of apps even faster.

Customize your iPad and iPhone apps

Quite a lot of apps nowadays have settings that can be changed to your own preference. All you need to do is go to the “Settings” and scroll down all the way to see the settings for the various apps. You can change the settings from there.


Jailbreaking will void your warranty but it allows you to do more on the iPhone. You can customize your icons amongst a lot of other things. You can search online for a huge list of jailbreak guides. But be warned, you are responsible for your own actions in the event you damage your phone.

Bios Tweaking

In the past, tweaking of the Bios is a very dangerous thing to do, since any incorrect values in the settings will not only result in a unstable system or even damage the whole computer. But now, systems come with “built in” turbo switches that can be activated without the need to key in any values. Some laptops even have a “fast gate” that allows you to install a customized operating system that boots up within seconds so that you can send email or surf the net without having to wait for the whole system to load up.

Boot using USB

Most computers these days allow you to boot up using a USB device. This makes it a lot more convenient when you need to do a re-format and re-install of the operating system. A lot of bootable programs like Dban or Linux now allows loading from USB drives. Running them off USB thumb drives also saves you from wasting CDs so that you don’t need to burn one every time.


I hope these Tech Tips are useful to everyone who reads them and as usual, stay tuned for more Tech Tips in future.

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  2. These are great tips! iPod as monitor works well, as I have used it myself.

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