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We owe a great deal to my commentators, readers and subscribers. That is why we recently decided to make Diy Comp Repairs a DoFollow Blog. Unfortunately by taking this decision we do run the risk of damaging our reputation with many of the major search engines. It has therefore been necessary to issue this comments policy, in order to bring to your attention several new rules that it has been necessary to implement.

I know the majority of you guys comment in a good manner, but this Comment Policy is for certain people and newbies a.k.a. first time visitors to Diy Computer Repairs. Diy Comp Repairs reserves the right to make changes to this policy at anytime and without prior notice. So from this point on, this blog now has a Formal Comment Policy, which I hope everyone will now follow!


Moderating Comments


In order to protect Diy Comp Repairs from the ever present threat of spammers, idiots & morons, every single comment will now be moderated before being posted. I will review the comments as soon as possible and mostly I’ll reply to every comment made. Do not resubmit your comment if it is not appearing right away, it is probably awaiting moderation.


Au revoir To Spammers


This blog is protected by Akismet & Captcha which catches the vast majority of automated spam comments. If by any chance, any spam comment slips through the net, it will be deleted as soon as it is brought to my attention.



New Rules For Comments

1. Do not be abusive, racist, rude to anyone! All comments made have the IP address recorded, therefore anyone found to be breaking this rule will be banned immediately & all present and past comments will automatically be deleted.

2. Do not use keywords in the name field, your first name, username, nickname is fine, but any occurrence of blatant keyword usage will be marked as spam & deleted.

3. Do not use any links in the body of your comments, as this will immediately flag your comment as spam. Each comment is allowed 2 links maximum.

1st link in the URL field of the comment form (this should be the URL to your own blog / site)

2nd link is available by placing a check in the Comment Luv box at the end of the comment form. This will display the link to the latest article on your own blog site.

4. Do not waste your own time & more to the point, our time by making such feeble comments as “Great Post” , “ I Like Your Blog”, “ Good Article”, “Nice info” etc. We are fully aware that this sort of comment is purely a lazy attempt to get a back link. Therefore from this point on, (07-March-2010) any comments that do not add to the general discussion or article and thereby add to our reader’s enjoyment & interest will be deleted.


Comments May Be Edited


I reserve the right to edit any comments wherever I feel it may be necessary. This usually applies to correcting any spelling and grammatical errors, however any inappropriate comments may also be removed. Please remember, this will not cause any damage to the general meaning of your comment & in the majority of cases would improve the readability of your comment.


Regards Admin


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