Repair After Conflicker Worm

Computer Repair After Conflicker Worm Removal


virus-iconPC repairs after virus / worm removal. Repair damage done to your computer system by conflicker & other virus attacks. What damage has conflicker worm done to your computer system…? Well as reports state that the conflicker worm had not yet been activated, then it is likely that the damage is in fact minimal.

Yes conflicker had infected a huge amount of computers world wide, but at this moment in time, that is all it had done, it had not been activated & therefore the full potential of what this virus was capable of has not yet been fully realised.

I have had numurous requests over the last few days for information on how to repair a computer system after removing Conflicker. In actual fact the request should have been “how to repair a computer system after removal of any virus or spyware “.

Well I’m afraid to say there is no easy answer or quick fix to damage caused by computer viruses & spyware. But what there are, is lessons to be learnt by YOU the computer user. Lesson that if acted upon & taken onboard will undoubtedly make any future infection by any virus or spyware, a mere annoyance as opposed to world wide panic as in the case of Conflicker.

The Computer Virus Fear Factor

Many of the visitors to hit our pages over the last week, were not doing so because they actually had the Conflicker Virus, they did so because they were afraid they may have it !  Even the top virus techs in the country still do not know for certain what would be the outcome if the virus was actually activated on the computers it had infected, but lets face it, the person or persons involved in producing Conflicker have if nothing else, achieved the main goal of a virus writter & that is to cause chaos, upset & fear.conflicker worm removal

When you have succeeded in removing the fear aspect of any virus, it then becomes just an annoyance & nothing more, so lets spend a little time finding out how best to de-fang these monsters and start taking back some control of our lives & our computer systems.

Backup Your Data Regularly

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the best things you can do is to make regular backups of your important data, why…? Because once you know your data is safe & there is no threat of you losing what may have taken months if not years to amass, then we are halfway to diluting the fear aspect. <<<Read More Here>>>

Good Houskeeping & Your Computer

Your computer is really nothing more than an electronic file system, so why don’t you use it as such ! I have seen so many computers with photos, mp3’s, software & documents etc scattered throughout the hard drive in what I can only describe as utter chaos. This method of storage is nothing more than lazyness & I have to ask, is this how you store stuff in your house..? just walk through the door and throw stuff around willy nilly..? Of course not, so why do it with your computer.

In order to make backing up important files & data as quick and easy a process as possible, we need to have some order & structure to our electronic filing system & this is where the My Documents folder is a godsend. <<<Read More Here>>>

What To Do About Computer Errors

repair-xp Ok assuming you had conflicker or some other virus on your computer & after removal your are now left with an assortment of computer errors (as is often the case), then your options are now very limited unfortunately.

The problem is not so much the removal software you have used, but is more to do with the fact that many viruses will actually attach to, or mutate various system files & as such the removal of the virus then damages & corrupts these files.

How To Repair Virus Damage To Your Computer

Well really speaking there are only two methods I would recommend, which are listed below;

1. A complete format of your hard drive, followed by a re-installation of your Windows operating system.

2. A repair of your Windows operating system using your Windows CD.

Either way your still going to have to completely update your system with all the relevant security / critical updates from Microsoft, which I think at the last count was in the region of around 98 updates. As soon as your format or repair is completed, get these  Microsoft Updates ASAP .

Due to the fact that conflicker was not an activated virus, it may also be possible to track down any damaged files, which are likely to be located in your Sys.32 folder and replace the damaged files with fresh copies from your Windows CD. This is not what I would recommend as it is extremely time consuming and very hit & miss, although I have used this method myself in the past & have succeeded in getting a computer back to a usable state.

Any questions, comments etc on repair after conflicker worm removal, please use the comment box below !

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  1. Great advice. I dont know how many times I have to tell people the very same things. Glad I’m not the only one.

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