PS 2 Emulator For Mac OS X

A while ago, I had written an article showing how to run the PS2 emulator on Windows OS.  I suppose this is unfair to those who are using Mac, this article shows you the way to run the Playstation 2 emulator for Mac OS X. Mac computers are becoming a lot more and advance with powerful hardware, therefore it has opened great possibilities to transform your Mac computer into a Playstation 2 game console. Whereas one might worry about treading onto the road of piracy. No worries, it’s not illegal if you own the console and games.


Lets place it in this manner ,you have got an outdated game console and an entire set of games in your shelves. You have got the newest game console attached to your tv. It’s a terribly tiring chore to get rid of the existing cables and swap the PS 2 console in. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to install the PS 2 emulator for Mac OS X.




After all, because the PS 2 has already terminated its production and there are no additional support is supposed to be rendered to the console, there aren’t any additional new games for that specific console, it’s not like resorting to the employment of emulators goes to harm its sales in anyway. Since it’s already sold out all of its stocks. whatever deals that exist are going to be simply the used sets going around in flea markets.


 PS 2 Emulator For Mac OS X


Step 1  –  Install all PS 2 softwares.

1. PCSX 2 emulator


Download the PS 2 package from here. Install it, straightforward.


2. Install X11


This is the newer version of X11. Once you are done installing, it’ll prompt you to log off and re-login. keep in mind to do it or it will not work.


3. Install the Nvidia CG Framework




You may want to to reboot so that all the installed software can have its settings written into place.




Step 2 – Insert the Bios files

You will ought to insert the Bios files into the proper folder. The bios file is the thing that enables the the Playstation 2 the ability to understand and interpret the games. With the Finder, choose “Applications” , => PCSX2.


Right click on the PCSX2, choose “Show package contents”. Navigate to Contents => Resources => PCSX2



Create a brand new empty folder and call it “Bios”. Paste the individual Bios files into the empty Bios folder.


Step 3 – Run the PS 2 softwares.

You must click on “Applications” => “Utilities” => “XQuartz”. Run XQuartz before the emulator or you may see nothing, XQuartz will display a white prompt that appears to be just the white version of the Terminal.






Click on “Applications” => “pcsx2”

If the XQuartz app is not running, you’ll not see anything, although you may be running the PCSX2 app.

After that via the PCSX 2 configuration page, set the Bios folder to point to the right place. Run the PCSX2 App and click on on “Config”, => “Configure”



Click on the “Select Bios Dir” box and ensure that} it’s pointing properly to the place where you inserted the Bios files. If you do that properly, you’ll be able to choose from a couple of Bios Consoles. The rationale for having a number of Bios is a result of the fact that some games like Dynasty Warriors have Japanese version and also the US version. You’ll got to swap to the respective Bios or the game might not work. Click the “OK” button, to shut this configuration window.




Step 4 – Run Playstation 2 games.


Click for larger image


Before you’ll can run the game, you want to rip the entire game out using software’s like Clone DVD or IMGBURN. Although this emulator permits you to run via CD/DVD, it’ll be very slow till it’s going to be unplayable. I like to recommend using the “File” => “Run ISO Image”, select and point to your game. it’ll be a lot of convenient to copy and paste the games somewhere close to the Bios folder for simple access, otherwise you have to navigate through the whole directory all the time.



Enjoy the PS 2 emulator for Mac OS X. I admit that speed isn’t} playable in the least on my Hackintosh Mac. My Mac doesn’t contain the true drivers from Nvdia and it’s a Core 2 duo. I think it’ll be playable with real Mac computers and powerful Intel i7 cores.

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