Photo Basics 402 uLite Video Lighting Kit

Photo Basics 402 uLite Video Lighting Kit: Grab yourself an excellent deal on this Photo & Video Software right now, before the price rises!

Photo & Video Software Features:

  • Easy set up; soft boxes are collapsible and set up and tear down in seconds
  • Constant lights allow you to see lighting patterns instantly
  • Can use with any point-and-shoot or digital SLR camera
  • Educational DVD covers all aspects of set up, lighting and posing
  • All-inclusive kit allows you to start shooting right away

List Price On This Photo & Video Software: $ 249.90

Current Price On This Photo & Video Software: $ 229.99

Photo & Video Software Item Description :

We’ve all heard of the wonders of using Green Screen for video, but for the first time ever, we teach how simple and easy this technique really is. Play live at a rock concert, conduct an interview in front of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a day at the beach–the possibilities are endless. The Westcott 402 comes complete with everything you need: Lighting, Green Screen, Educational DVD, Digital Video DVD and free trial of Adobe Premiere Elements 7 software.

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Question by Reader: deadwinter

: pHotO…………?
whats a good idea for a photo on myspace?? something original…….it doesnt even have to be a photo of me or a photo.. like i could draw something original and different on paint but plz help……………….. just a pic plz help…

Top Answers:

Answer by meem0
dont look for other ppls opinion, if u wanna b original, think with your heart, dont let someone else influence ur decision on anything and you’ll always b original.

Answer by Jess
maybe a photo of your pets?

If You Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  6. SonicOrbStudios

    These look like some great lights….bit too hot for my studio though.

    You should look into reviewing some LED lights in the future, they seem to be nice.

  7. @jambred i found a 500w at harbor freight for 9.99

  8. SEOVideoCorp

    Nevermind, I just tried them in the other light and it worked. Maybe the fuse is shot on the other one.

  9. SEOVideoCorp

    Just bought these lights. The sender forgot the bulbs so I bought Philips 500w 120v bulbs at Home Depot. Popped them in, hit the red switches below and nothing turned on. Am I missing a hidden or something? lol Wrong bulbs?

  10. I like the information it does start talking really fast then settles and everything makes sense. Thanks. If I had the chance I’d buy 4 with the crane like accesori. Sad I went into the co. web page I can not find a link to the accesories….

  11. filesforschool

    I HOPE YOU PICK ME !!!!!!
    Nice review =)

  12. cool!

  13. JannyPoohXx3

    cool video

  14. MyVideosOnYT1


  15. mikedoesmedia

    I have to say, I bought these lights and they are EXCELLENT

  16. What about lights on a budget:) This looks very professional.

  17. badwolfvortex

    awesome vid

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  19. Cool intro.

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  21. anacondacartoy

    great lights!

  22. CrazyMoleMan

    Looks well good

  23. Cool!

  24. reginald329

    got these lights because of you thanks.

  25. I’m feeling lucky :)

  26. you could make a collage of small pics you like…

  27. lauritalucky@sbcglobal.net

    i think you should go with the pets idea.

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