iPhone 6, DandyCase 2in1 Hybrid High Impact Hard Lavender & Cream Floral Pattern + Purple Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen) + DandyCase Screen Cleaner

The iPhone 6, DandyCase 2in1 Hybrid High Impact Hard Lavender & Cream Floral Pattern + Purple Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen) + DandyCase Screen Cleaner is another outstanding computer hardware component now available with an amazingly discounted price, thus, making this item terrific value for money!

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IPhone 6
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IPhone 6 Features

  • Compatible with the iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen)
  • Anti-chipping pattern printing technology. Your case will look good for longer.
  • Anti-slip properties gives your iPhone 6 more grip on surfaces
  • Adds a “lip” to your iPhone 6 so you can place it screen-down and not worry about scratches
  • Includes FREE DandyCase keychain screen cleaner

Product Description

Case does not need to be removed for charging.

Flash opening is large enough for the iPhone 6 (fits the 4.7″ screen).

DandyCase proudly presents the premium “2in1 Hybrid High Impact Pattern Case” from the line of stylish…
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IPhone 6 Choices & Selection

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Customer Testimonials

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IPhone 6 Related Video

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Because of this we might recommend that wherever practical our viewers should probably check out the brief video clips provided, to be able to glean as much knowledge as is possible on this iPhone 6.

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25 Comments for “iPhone 6, DandyCase 2in1 Hybrid High Impact Hard Lavender & Cream Floral Pattern + Purple Silicone Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen) + DandyCase Screen Cleaner”

  1. Hey folks. We’re keeping a close eye on iPhone threads, so while you’re
    free to disagree with our conclusions or other viewers, keep your tone
    civil and your arguments focused on the issues. Be advised that we’re
    swinging the ban hammer liberally (and with no warning) on any and all
    abusive commenters. ^M

  2. Matthew Sharpe

    So, hopeless battery life, a design that is both clumsy and apparently
    prone to bending, 2012’s screen technology, new OS features that are clunky
    and disappointing, very high price, and updates that brick your phone…
    and Apple gets a pass – how? How are they so Teflon coated that all this
    important stuff somehow becomes “minutia” that you can “get past” and find
    that it’s “the best”? I do not understand how stuff that would totally
    sink a phone from any other manufacturer can be put aside because of the
    Apple logo on the back? Nothing seems to stick to Apple.

  3. 2007suprasport

    But it looks exactly like the 5 just bigger. All the icons population the
    entire screen, non customizable, still no multi tasking, I mean they should
    of just named it the iPhone 5s plus, same old stuff. 

  4. I’m sorry but I have issue with saying its forgivable that they are having
    so many issues with iOS8. Any other OEM would be getting slaughtered. Apple
    is always touting how stable their stuff is (just as buggy as everything
    else) but they get a pass cause it’s Apple. Sorry but that is bullshit.

  5. “The iPhone is for people who want comfort, stability, reliability”. You’re
    making it sound like every other phone out there doesn’t provide these when
    that isn’t the case at all. To say that, and to give this video the title
    “Excellence Exemplified” sounds a little one sided and is contradictory to
    the very negative points you rightly remark upon in your own review

  6. Shelton Lee

    I guess ios 8 is THAT smooth on the new devices, but my ipad mini retina
    with A7 chip, which is still the best ipad out yet, is somewhat laggy even
    on ios 8.0.2. I guess their plan was to screw up all the consumers other
    than the ones who has the very newest devices. And if you disagree that
    your ipad mini retina or Air don’t lag on ios 8.0.2, just do me a favour
    and use your device more heavily and report back. Closing apps animation is
    no longer as smooth as ios 7.1.2 and same goes for opening app switcher
    after using apps like safari or youtube for a while. Apple seriously messed
    up my device. I’m definitely considering android again after switching to
    ios from it. Android doesn’t have lag like this these days.

  7. Hey guys does anyone’s 6 or 6 plus make a large click when the home button
    is pressed? What I mean by loud is that you can hear the click whenever the
    home button is pressed? PLEASE HELP

  8. YourDudeNess1988

    the iphone 6 looks like a worse idea of a htc one m8. it has these useless
    big bezels on top and bottom.

    also i have the feeling that pocketnow is whether afraid to compare the
    iphone 6 against phones like htc one m8, nexus 5 or one+ one or they are
    paid to not to.

    we all know that a iphone feels and mostly is more premium and polished
    then a feature-overloaded touchwiz device. but there are some phones with
    premium flawless designs and polished software or stock android that are at
    least as good as the iphone 6 if not even better.

    so the only thing you should and can tell the costumers is that they can
    chose between an eco-system and the prices that comes with it. hardwarewise
    you can get even more premium phones with android and that is a fact.

    so in my opinion this video was a very biased review. there where almost no
    new features for the phone and that isnt even considered a con. maybe you
    can tell me what makes this phone so much different from the 5s? that they
    dont use their perfect one-hand-size anymore ?


  9. Haha when you originally uploaded this with a different title there was a
    lot of dislikes. It’s amazing what a change in title can do, shows most
    Apple haters barely even watch or read the reviews.

  10. TheSony/AppleFanatic

    I agree with Michael on this review, but the 6 is still inferior to the
    likes of the M8.

  11. MrNikeFresh808

    Cool, you guys are from Boston, I saw the Red Line and the Boston Skyline
    in the video :) 

  12. dBrand make some great skins that cover those nasty antenna lines. The
    phone looks completely different with a clean back (though I’d like to see
    some skins that cover the Apple logo).

  13. Joseph Tongret

    +Michael Fisher just nailed it (yet again) with a Phenomenal review of the
    iPhone 6! The most informative, factual, and honest feeling review I’ve
    watched/read yet of Apples 2014 flagship. It was an absolute pleasure to
    have watched it! I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again, +Michael
    Fisher possesses some of the finest journalistic qualities that you could
    hope to find on YouTube! Plus one, thumbs up, and all those great things,

  14. Ran Bar-Levi

    Your review is great as usual and your command of the English language is
    refreshing. I do however get the feel throughout the video that you are
    still under the reality distortion field of the new device and a little
    less critical than usual.
    This title and the previous title that got cancelled faster than firefly
    were a little over the top to my taste for a phone that is better than the
    5s but not by much. basically it’s an iphone 5s with slightly better camera
    and a little bigger.
    I carry an android device and an iPhone for my work and I couldn’t find one
    good reason to refresh my 5S besides screen size. all the IOS8 goodies are
    on my old 5S just the same.

  15. I’m nowhere near being a iOS guy but i can agree with the review. Being
    unbiased also means giving credit where credit is due. Good job!

  16. dodgebizkit

    Definitely the first iPhone worthy of consideration since the 4S too bad
    that Android and WP flagships still wipe the floor with it. I could
    possibly have been tempted by this if I were not so hopelessly addicted to
    the Lumia and Note series of phones, the 6 looks SLICK. If the 6S has a
    full HD screen, another gig of ram so that safari pages don’t always
    refresh and the camera bump is reduced, I may consider that if either of my
    phones needs replacing by then.

  17. instead being dicks and call it ios 8.0, they could just call it 7.2/3/
    it so fucking stupid to call it a whole new number just because of a few
    lame features

  18. Hironic how is Sony Z1 compact with 4.3 inch screen have 2100 mah battery.

  19. Leandro Brandão

    Yeah, i think i will try iOS one more time, bigger screen now i can use
    with no complaints. But i love my HTC one m8, and will not get rid of it,
    and don’t want to use two phones simultaneously, such a hard decision.

  20. Eric Enright

    You can slide anywhere in the camera to switch modes it doesn’t have to be
    right on the words! just swipe over left or right in the middle of the
    camera like you would on the home screen and it goes to the next mode

  21. Rob Leonard

    It’s good you’re keeping a close eye on iPhone threads because I’m still
    curious whether or not you chose to enable voice and data over LTE aka
    VoLTE which at least on Verizon is much clearer and has much better sound
    quality than using cellular voice. You didn’t say either way in the video
    whether or not you chose to review the sound quality with it without this
    feature enabled but if left out, you missed a huge feature of the iPhone 6.

  22. DantheManBooyah

    Holy fuck your voice is annoying!

  23. No way I’m getting this, it bends under preassure from my big ass and the
    screen shatters when smashed with most hammers lol

  24. The specs don’t really match the price, but the perfomance and design sure
    does. How the hell does it perform so well with those specs?!

  25. BrAnDoN062694420

    Is it worth switching from the iPhone 4s to 6?

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