Infinuvo Hovo® 710 Pet Series Robotic Vacuum with HEPA Filter, UV Lamp, Virtual Blocker, Charging Base and Scheduler

The Infinuvo Hovo® 710 Pet Series Robotic Vacuum with HEPA Filter, UV Lamp, Virtual Blocker, Charging Base and Scheduler is yet another outstanding computer hardware component on offer at an amazingly low price, thus, making this hardware excellent value for money!

Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this PC component. If you haven’t already researched this hardware, then just take a few minutes to view the Shopper Testimonials


Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Inter-changeable self-adapt brush assembly and suction-only adapter for best cleaning result on carpets and hard floors
  • Full length 2-way UV light kills dust mite, germs and allergens both in dustbin and on floor. Triple mode, bi-direction virtual blocker can easily setup cleaning boundary
  • Advanced 2-stage HEPA filtration system catches fine dust and allergens, so you have fresher air.
  • Products trademarked Infinuvo® and Hovo® are sold only by authorized dealers. Alfaoutlet is the exclusive authorized retailer of Hovo 710 Pet series on Amazon.
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty for US customers when it is purchased through authorized retailer. Warranty is void if it is bought from un-authorized sellers.

Product Description

Infinuvo Hovo® 710 Pet series is a 4-in-1 robotic cleaner that can sweep, vacuum, sanitize and mop all in one step. It is a great choice for pet owners and people with allergies.
The Hovo 710 comes with a removable brush assembly. The roller brush …
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Choices & Selection

The shear variety of alternatives available in the market can be quite off putting, because of this we have now listed many similar hardwares along with their features & technical specs, so that you can consider comparable hardwares and come to the best decision, on which hardware best satisfies your requirements.

It’s not uncommon that these components can carry a fairly hefty price tag, therefore in an effort to protect our readers, we would most likely advise against impulse buying and would usually encourage obtaining as much information as possible, prior to making any decisions to buy this product. Nevertheless you are always assured of top grade hardwares at very reasonable prices.

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