How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

Many people do not know that you can actually transfer iPhone cantacts to Android. I have encountered many people who do not know how to transfer iPhone cantacts to Android. As a result of that, they do not wish to make a switch to Android even though they wanted. In this guide, I will show a couple of menthods that allow users to transfer iPhone contacts to Android.


How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android



Source: http://www.idrive.com/idrive-lite/index.html


Download the iDrive Lite free app from the app store of the individual platforms. You’ll be asked to make a user account or sign on the existing one once you have created one. The contacts will be saved without the need to do it manually.


The best thing about this iDrive Lite free app is that you can do selective restore, restore from a alternative of iDrive Lite accounts, restore from older backups from an earlier date.


This iDrive Lite app is compatible across the three most well liked devices, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.



Transfer iPhone Contacts To Android Hoiio Live app


Hoiio is an app from Singapore, it has a series of Hoiio apps like the Hoiio phone, Hoiio conference and Hoiio Live. The app that’s meant for backing from contacts is that the Hoiio Live app. What makes Hoiio Live app completely different from the iDrive Lite is that it permits you to complete the registration via a standard browser. All you have to do is enter a number and wait a sms to be sent to you. you’ll ought to key therein pin real quickly, since it expires in one hour.


The registration progress is pretty easy, key in the pin and you’ll be allowed to register for an account. you’re needed to verify your email account before you’ll use the service. One issue I encountered is that the user login ID is your number, however the password is really the username that I used throughout the registration. albeit you’re unable to get the password correct, you’ll still sign off via the browser, and request a replacement password.


What I notably liked concerning the Hoiio computer program, is that the ability to look at the synced contacts in your PC browser. you’re able to edit and add new contacts usng your pc’s browser. This can be such a lot easier then making an attempt to try to to manually on mobile. you’re additionally able to sms from your pc using the Hoiio internet interface.



Armed with these two apps, you’ll be able to transfer iPhone Contacts to Android. I’m positive this article will be incredibly helpful for those who love all 3 types of smartphones and need the contacts to be accessible from each devices.

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