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Making a Choice between so many good tablet PCs is a difficult task for one and all. In this article, I will explain what issues to take note off when searching for a good tablet pc. Ever since the Apple gave birth to the first iPad, all the companies in the world are rushing to cash in on this market.

The amount of tablet pcs are emerging in shocking numbers and new models are spewing out with no control. This puts all consumers in a difficult spot in making a good decision that they will never regret. I am not an Apple fan and I will not say that the iPad 2 is the best tablet in the universe. I will list the various factors to consider when getting a tablet pc as such.



Size does matter when it comes to making a decision. Different people will require tablet pc that are of different sizes. That is why we have a large screen tablets that have 10” inches display to smaller counterparts with 7” inches. The smaller ones are more suitable for users who read e-books more then anything else. Since in the real world, how big is a physical book? Don’t you find it crazy holding a big book? Therefore, a 7” inch is a good size to tuck the tablet quickly away while you are commuting into a small hand bag.

Tablets that are 10 inches in size are more suitable for people who do a lot of typing, drawing on the screen itself. You will also need a large screen if you watch videos pretty frequently. Users like song writers or artists will need to space to start doodling or play music on the device. Imagine having a small screen where a music app ends up cramping all the instruments on a small screen.

Ports and Peripherals

Different tablet pcs come with different combination of ports and jacks. You will need to decide what your priorities are and what kind of connectors you need. The more common peripherals that are important are MicroSD card, microUSB and audio earphone connectors. Tablets that have these 3 peripherals can be considered a good choice to begin with. Then you will need to consider other factors like operating system and hardware. Do not be drawn into a mistaken perception that the more jacks it has the better it is. Some tablets come with “useless” peripherals that are not necessary, as a result of that people end up buying an old and outdated tablet. Examples of useless peripherals are like having additional SD slots or Ethernet jacks. Since most tablets come with Wi-Fi connectivity, it is totally redundant to have Ethernet jacks.

Operating system

While this may sound a little ridiculous as to why must we see operating system as a factor in decision making since tablets are not entirely a personal computer. Since operating systems in tablet pcs cannot be easily updated and upgraded with newer versions, this makes it a more important factor to consider because buying a tablet pc with an older version of a particular operating system means less features and functions. As of now, the more common operating system in tablet pcs out there is the Android OS. At this point in time, as I am writing this article, the latest operating system for tablet pcs is the Android 3.0 codenamed Honeycomb. I am not saying that tablet pcs with older Android versions are totally bad, just to point in a general direction. Any tablet pc that has Android 2.1 and below is considered outdated. The reason why I did not mention the i-OS is because the iPad’s OS can be upgraded to the latest manually without hassle.


Similar to every gadget or device out there, the hardware is a very important factor in deciding how good a tablet pc is. Almost every tablet pc device out there comes with a 1Ghz processor as a minimum standard. If you ask me, I won’t settle for anything less then that. I believe that there are still devices and tablet pcs that run on 528 Mhz. These devices may cost ultra cheap and thus keep your eyes peeled for such devices that will not last a long way. At this point in time as I am writing this article, the best CPU for tablets out there is a 1 Ghz dual core chip and it is the new Samsung Galaxy tablet.

Tablet pcs are like personal computers, there is a make and model that suits each individual. Therefore, do not be drawn into a monkey see monkey follow sort of attitude when buying tablet pcs. I know it is a very common trend for people to follow the crowd. Still it is ultimately yourself to decide if a tablet pc is suitable for you.

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