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There are a couple of really good free video music streaming sites that deliver great content.  While it may seem odd at first to even imagine that why would there be free music / video streaming services?  What is there to earn?  Remember the evolution of computing where email was initially a paid service.  These days if you need to pay to get an email account, people will think that you are nuts.  There after, everything followed suit, softwares like Anti-virus, Office productivity suites, video converters and more.  It is because such companies know that it is impossible to combat piracy, therefore they might as well host it themselves so that everyone will place it from the original source.  Such companies will earn from advertising revenue.  Perhaps the recommendations that are written in this article is already not anything that is alien to the general public. Neverthless, I still think it is a good idea to share such great sites with the world.



PPTV may not be that suitable for users who are not able to read or are not that good with their Chinese. Since PPTV comes from China, you will be smacked with an interface full of Chinese characters. This name is so popular all over that you can find a version for almost every single system, you can watch full movies all the way from your Desktop computer to iPad, Android to even a Mac.  As much as this website may be Chinese based, PPTV comes with an enormous catalogue of movies and dramas from Hollywood to Korean to Hong Kong and more.


Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is a video streaming site that focuses on anime videos. If you are an anime fan, you will love this place. The shows are classified not only as genres, but as popularity and seasons.  So it is easy to pick the ones that are most popular in the web and you know you cannot go wrong.  The lastest animes will be available 1 hour after they are aired in Japan which makes it probably faster than cable TV services. The only slight drawback will be that you will not be able to see the HD version and also be bothered by advertisements if you do not sign up for the service.





Onetvasia.com placed more emphasis on Korean dramas and variety programmes. It will air full episodes of selected shows 2 weeks after they are aired on cable channels. It will only be live for a month before they are taken off the stream. The shows come with Korean, Malay and Mandarin audio. You can choose from between English, Mandarin and Malay subtitles to go with the show and they can be changed at any time when the show is playing. There is no need to login or registration required.



Spotify is a company started in Sweden. It started by wanting to provide protected DRM music from several record companies like Sony, EMI,Warner Music Group and Universal. But now it has almost the entire world wide selection of music for you to listen and stream. It offers unlimited streaming for the first 6 months and after which you will be given a total of 10 hours of streaming time a month which equates to 2.5 hours of music a week where by unused hours that can be brought over. A few lucky countries will get unlimited playback hours without limit because they provide ad-supported streaming apps. Spotify is amazing because it allows you to search in Chinese characters for the artist or song. And it contains whole albums to choose from. You are given the option to sign up with email or facebook.



Deezer is a music streaming site by Google. That is why I was given the option to sign in either with facebook or Google + . One nagging issue is that I was not given the option to show Deezer

‘s activities only to be viewable by myself in facebook. I love that option just in case I do not wish to share my activities with others. However, there was this option to keep the Deezer activities to myself if I sign in with Google +. The only slight flaw of Deezer is that it only allows 6 months of unlimited music streaming and till then you will be limited to 2 hours a month for the free account which is a tad low as compared to Spotify.


The selection of songs in Deezer are rather limited, in the sense that it will only list songs that are currently popular. You will need to search in English for all the Chinese artists, which is quite disappointing because it makes it very difficult to nail the right song.


.All these free video and music streaming sites should keep you entertained without having to pay for cable services.

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