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Laptops can be one of the most expensive gadget that you ever buy in your life. Apart from bearing the pain of losing a laptop when it is stolen, valuable or even secret information can cost you more than the price of the laptop. Imagine losing information such as customer’s profile, phone numbers, address and even secret login credentials to your companies network. Therefore, there is a need for tracking software to be installed on a laptop so that you can recover your laptop in the event you ever lose it. Lets take a look at some tracking software for laptop.



Prey Project



Prey offers tracking software for Windows, Mac, and even Linux PCs. Prey also offers tracking apps for Android and iOS, so you could use this one service to track all of your devices.

This service has paid pro plans, but the basic tracking service is completely free. The free service allows you to have three devices linked to your account and store up to ten location reports per device.

After installing Prey, you’ll be prompted to create a new user account or enter your current user account details.

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After you sign up for and activate your account, you download and run the LockItTight client (which is compatible with Windows XP and later). And that’s pretty much the last you see of it; you won’t find any evidence of it in the system tray or Programs menu. (Neither will tech-savvy thieves, which is exactly the point.)

To tweak LockItTight’s settings and/or find out what your laptop’s been up to, you sign into your account via a Web browser. By default, the client will simply report the laptop’s position (usually via Wi-Fi, which in my tests was accurate to about 500 meters), but you can also enable screen capture, Webcam capture, key logs, clipboard logs, remote file retrieval, and remote file deletion.

Pretty neat, eh? Alas, if there’s no Internet connection, there’s no data for LockItTight to gather–so there’s no guarantee this will help you locate your stolen system. (If it does, make sure to let the police handle the recovery.) But it’s a damn sight better than nothing.

The other catch: LockItTight Free limits you to one device and will report its location only every two hours. If you want more devices and more frequent reporting, you’ll need a paid account. LockItTight Standard, for example, costs $1.99 per month per device, and reports location every 12 minutes. It also boosts the screenshot and Webcam capture resolutions.

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LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software

If you are really paranoid about security and you need a hardcore product. LoJack for Laptops is the one for you. Its a paid product but it comes with the ability to embed itself into the Bios of a laptop which means it is impossible to uninstall this software even if you swap the hard disk out.


Along with the main application agent, LoJack includes an invisible component called the Persistence Module. This component is embedded in the BIOS of many computers from the company’s OEM partners, which include Dell, Gateway, HP, and Lenovo, among others. Absolute software maintains a lengthy list of laptop models that include BIOS support.

The embedded software remains dormant until you install LoJack for Laptops and make a successful connection with the monitoring center. Once activated, the module monitors the system to make sure the application agent is present and running. If the thief wipes the hard drive or even replaces it with a different hard drive, this module restores the application agent. That’s persistence!

Even without pre-installed BIOS support, LoJack works to attain a degree of persistence. The exact method used is proprietary, but the company was willing to state that works by modifying the MBR much as a full-disk encryption product would. In this mode it can survive and restore the main agent even if the thief reformats the main partition, but it won’t survive swapping out the hard drive.

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Armed with all these suggestions. Anyone who attempts to steal your laptop will be akin to courting death. I hope everyone enjoys reading the following suggestions on free tracking software for laptop.

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