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Car video recorders are the in thing these days, with a car video recorder mounted on your dash board or window, it helps to record anything that might happen while you are driving. Unlike what you might imagine, all these car video recorders these days, come in real portable packages. They are no bigger then the size of your mobile phone and some of the newer models are able to record real high definition videos. All they need is just a small piece of MicroSD card as the storage medium. Lets look at some of the characteristics of the car video recorders.


Plug and play


Most of the newer variants of car video recorders do not require any advanced wiring or technical difficulties to hook up one. Most of them come with a power cable with an attachment that fits right into the car’s cigarette lighter socket. It is programmed to start recording the moment you start your engine. This is because, when an engine is running, the voltage will tend to jack up a little higher, therefore this is a simple concept of making the device auto function without human intervention.


HD video quality


Technological advancements have allowed small gadgets to be capable of recording HD footage. While it may not be as incredible as what you might imagine or perceive HD quality to be on par with movies you see in the cinema, it is at least of a decent clarity and quality for you to see the license plate number clearly when the car is moving.


Portable storage recording


There is no need to worry about rewinding of recording tapes, or having to mess with hard disks. All it takes is a simple MicroSD card inserted into the recorder and all the footage is stored in there. When it runs out of space, it will automatically overwrite the old files. Video footages will be spilt into various files based on when the engine is started or switched off. Most of the car video recorders have display resolutions that can be adjusted. For an extreme resolution quality of 1920 x 1080 pixels, you you record 5 hours in a 16 GB MicroSD card. But there is no need to go for the extreme resolution. A 720 x 480 pixels image provides enough quality clear enough for you to show as evidence in court. Such a setting will extend the recording to 26 hours. Lets take a look at a couple of the car video recorders that are worth the buck.


Black Vue DR400G-HD

The Black Vue DR400G can be attached at the back of your rear view mirror so that it remains invisible to the driver. Drivers who do not like their view to be clocked by anything will love this unit. It comes with a camera holder so that you can remove the camera and stow it away if you are afraid of losing it in the event you become an unlucky victim of a car break in. This unit uses audible voice prompts to alert you of problems or updates, such as inserting your microSD card for example. When it is recording, the LEDs on the device will blink, so you can be sure that this device is functioning.

It starts recording the moment the engine is started. Video quality is fantastic even in low light conditions. Do not underestimate this gadget even though it comes with a 2 Megapixel camera. The recording is in mp4 format which is easily compatible with any mobile device. So to view the footage, all you need to do is insert the microSD card into your phone. You can configure and change the recording quality by downloading the BlackVue app from the Google Playstore. Insert the MicroSD card of the video recorder into your smartphone, start the app and you can configure the resolution you want the camera to record with. This unit also comes the GPS system built in that allows you to Geo Tag the recorded video footage.



Even though the DOD GSE550 looks bigger then most portable car video cameras and looks like a square block and not too appealing, this car video camera comes with a 1.5 inch display so that you see what is actually being recorded. It comes with physical keys on the gadget itself so that you can adjust the resolution and brightness levels on the spot.

It comes with a generous 32 Gig microSD card that allows you to record a maximum of 9 hours of video in the highest quality. Lower the recording quality and it increases the amount of hours you can record. This DOD GSE550 is also a camera so that you can use the physical buttons to snap still photos of both vehicles as a record on how bad the damage is.

The DOD GSE550 comes with an inbuilt GPS system so that it is able to track location or Geo Tag the location for you so that there is no need for you to figure out the exact spot where the accident has occured. it comes with 2 types of methods to fasten that gadget. You can make use of adhesive or suction cups. Suction cups are more preferred because unlike adhesive, it can be removed in future.


In this article, I have listed a couple of car video recorders that are of great quality and packed with features. Given the complications involved when you try to argue in an accident, it is worthwhile to spend some money so that the reporting of an accident will be a whole lot pleasant then ever.

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