Android Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Android Ice Cream Sandwich being the latest operating system for Android mobile phones. It comes with the best improvements ever since it is a combination of the Honeycomb from tablets and Gingerbread – the mobile operating system for Android. Some selected devices are already given the opportunity to upgrade to ICS. In this article, I will list some of the new features that are in the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich


1) Facial unlock


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If you have a device that is locked with a code or a pattern, it becomes a hassle when you need to keep unlocking all the time. This new feature makes use of the front facing camera to detect and identify if you are the owner. As long as the device is able to identify you as the owner, it will unlock by itself. However, if it fails to unlock, you can still unlock with via a code or a pattern.



2) Data monitoring

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This is not just a simple data monitoring app, it is able to detail all the amount of data that is being used by the device. You will be able to get a very clear picture where your data is being used. If you find a particular app that you do not use at all using extensively huge amounts of data, you can proceed to uninstall that app. This data monitoring feature also automatically cuts off the data usage if you hit the cap. This way you will never incurr any additional data charges.


3) Storage report


This feature is very similar to what is being used on the iPhone. Previously, the Android will only show the total space, free space in digits. But now the phone will now show storage in a colored coded chart. Generally, the Apps will appear as green, pictures & video pink and audio will appear as orange. This way, you will be able to figure out easily if you have too much of a certain content on your phone.


4) Offline Gmail


In the past, you won’t be able to browse Gmail if you do not have a connection at all. This results in wasting precious data when you only need to take a peek at some of the email that you have already read before hand. Now it allows you to browse emails that are sent 30 days ago. In this way, you can save battery life and data plan when you read old emails.


5) Folders for apps

This feature is also very similar to the used in the iPhone. It allows you to group apps together in a folder on the desktop. I won’t say this must have feature, because it only makes Android look like a copycat in the eyes of Mac fan boys. Android already has the “widgets”, “most recently used apps” and a “custom sense shortcut screen” to facilitate the amount of apps that you intend to use. But still, it is a good feature to incorporate into the Android operating system.


6)  A better browser


The Android Ice Cream Sandwich has further improved its browser by allowing you to view websites in a full browser mode then a scale down mobile version. It also allows you to open up all the way to 16 tabs and it allows you to sync bookmarks with the Chrome browser. The best of it all is that it will still support Flash despite the past decision to drop flash altogether.



7)  Take Screenshots


Past versions of Android requires you to root your device before you can use any of the apps to take screenshots. Now it comes built in.



8)  Android Beam


Call it a newer version of infra transferring of data. This feature allows you to hold 2 Android phones with this feature back to back and you can send information such as apps, webpages, contacts and Youtube video links.


9)  Multiple windows mode


source: http://www.tech2crack.com

This feature is actually taken from the Android tablets that run the Android Honeycomb operating system. It allows you to have a tabbed form of mini windows that show the current app that is running. You can simply glide through them like how you do in Microsoft Windows without having to look for the icon of the app so painstakingly if you already have it opened just seconds ago.

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