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Hi, I am Chee Sian and I am now the owner of this site, I am also a support staff at www.computerhelpforum.org.  That was the place where I happened to stumble on this site.  Since I have the passion in many aspects of tech, be it computers or gadgets, I decided to start writing tech guides and articles so that many years of my knowledge will not dissipate over time.  This place also serves a library of guides for users who might need it.

I would like to mention the Steve Nickson who is this founding father of this place.  He has accumulated vast experience in computer repairs back then running a computer repair shop.  Currently, he has moved towards another direction focusing on website SEO.  If there are SEO companies that claim to produce results, this man Steve Nickson here will deliver miracles.  Any serious person who runs a website should consider paying him a visit.  He dwells at http://www.my-blog-review.com/

I will retain some of his personal introduction below to be preserved as historical records


Hi, my name is Steve and I own & run this web site, with the aid of my buddy Shingo (co-editor), who is particularly shy & refused to have his image on the internet until NOW!  Anyway these days I take a back seat as it were & basically just look after the day to day running of the site, whilst Shingo has taken over the editorial aspects of the site.

Any of you that remember this site when it started will recall that it was originally called ” Diy Computer Repairs” as our focus was mainly on computers / home PC’s. However, due to Shingos love of smartphones, tablet pc & all manner of other gadgets, we decided to rename the site to “Diy Tech Tips & Guides” as we feel this is more in keeping with the subject matter of the site.

I first got involved with computers some 20 odd years ago, (albeit a tiny little 48k Sinclair Spectrum) A WHAT ??? I hear some of you ask! ;-) Hahaha Don’t worry about it, it was just a small step along the road to today’s super fast all singing and dancing Personal Computers.

So do I know all there is to know about computers? Well to that I would have to answer definately NOT! But I have learnt enough over the years to be able to run my own computer store, build computers to order, carry out customer repairs etc & keep my own PC clean of any Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Malware & any other little nasties you care to mention. I can keep my PC running in peak condition without the need to call out engineers that charge extortionate rates.

In fact I have never taken my PC to a repair shop! So you tell me, do they really charge so much to fix these things ? Yes we all know that the cost of getting a Virus, Trojan etc removed from a PC or even some minor upgrade or repair can often cost in excess of $100+ and that is what has prompted me to start this blog.

A while back, two friends of mine had got infections on their own PCs and had asked me to help sort the problem. The biggest difficulty was that both lived thousands of miles away from me and neither of them were really clued up on a PC, which meant I had hours of grief trying to explain everything that they needed to do, in order to remedy the situation. Therefore the idea behind this blog is, to be able to teach you in simple terms;

1. Setup Procedures For PC & Android Devices

2. Software Installation & Removal

3. Carry Out Preventative Maintenance

4. Back Up Procedures

5. How To Deal With Infections

6. Plan & Carry Out Upgrades

7. Good PC Husbandry

Add to this Shingo Knowledge & expertise when it comes to Linux & all things Android driven & you should be able to find something of interest buried deep within the site !

If at any time you require help or advice on a topic not yet covered by an article, then please use any of our comment boxes to request your DIY Tech Tips & Guides FREE HELP & ADVICE. Also due to the fact that this is an online PC repair tutorial & help page, I would advice that you get yourself an A4 ring binder & print out any pages you feel you may need to refer to in emergency. Quite often a severe virus infection can include a browser hijacker which will prevent you accessing the internet or at the very least will only allow you access to the web sites it is programmed for.

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