2x – 20x Magnifier Flex Neck Desk Lamp (Blue)

The 2x – 20x Magnifier Flex Neck Desk Lamp (Blue) is yet one more first-rate product on offer for an astonishingly affordable price, thus, making this hardware excellent value for money!

Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this item of hardware. If you haven’t already researched this hardware, then just take a few minutes to view the Shopper Testimonials


Media Streaming Box
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Media Streaming Box Features

  • 2x – 20x wide magnifying glass lens with Flourecent Circular Lamp around it
  • Bendable goose-neck (11-inch length, approximate)
  • Energy efficient
  • Simply plug into your 115 V AC Wall Outlet
  • Convenient Lens Dust Cover

Product Description

Easily look at objects without straining your eyes with this Magnifier Desk Lamp!

It’s equipped with an ultra-bright circular Florescent lamp and a 2x – 20x magnifying glass lens that is ideal for art, hobby and other small projects. The JK-RL01 f…
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Media Streaming Box Choices & Selection

The enormous amount of choices available can be quite off putting, therefore we’ve included several comparable hardwares along with their features & technical specs, so that you can consider similar products and arrive at the best decision, on which product best suits your objectives.

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It’s not uncommon that these products can carry a pretty substantial price tag, therefore in an effort to protect our readers, we would invariably advise against impulse buying and would usually recommend acquiring as much information as possible, before making any decisions to buy this product. Nevertheless you are always assured of A1 quality goods at highly discounted prices.

Customer Testimonials

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