2010 i7, i5, i3 Intel Core

New 2010 Intel Core CPU chips

I will save up my money for the new Intel cores with special features instead of the usual duo core or quad cores.  The new Intel chips called 2010 Core desktop and mobile processors are on the way.

These new Intel Cores have 3 flavors to choose from.  i3, i5 and the i7.  Intel claims that the i5 series alone will be twice the speed of the Core 2 Duo processors of the same speed.  Apart from just being fast, these new chips come with integrated graphics chip built right into the CPU package.

Currently, the graphic chips are built on the motherboard.  With the graphic chip built together with the CPU, it means improvement in power efficiency and performance because the data does not need to travel through the motherboard.

These integrated graphic processors are even HD capable, and that means you can watch Blu-Ray discs without buying any additional video card if you are not a serious gamer.

During a exhibition where Intel had to demonstrate the 2010 Intel Core chip’s power to the audience, it played Unreal Tournament 3 on the computer with just the integrated graphics.  It was able to go at 30 to 40 frames per second which was totally awesome.   Trying to play games with integrated graphics from motherboards these days is impossible, even if the game can be loaded, the game cannot be played without constant lag in between frames.

These new 2010 Cores are the highlights of this year as AMD and Intel battle it out to flex their computing muscle.  Welcome to the new era of desktop computing.

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