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Nestle Kit Kat Bar 4 Finger England (24 Pack) »

Nestle Kit Kat Bar 4 Finger England (24 Pack)

The Nestle Kit Kat Bar 4 Finger England (24 Pack) is yet one more top quality computer hardware component on offer at an incredibly discounted price, thus, making this item amazing value for money! Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this…

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Richard Scarry Busy Town »

Richard Scarry Busy Town

The Richard Scarry Busy Town is yet one more outstanding product being offered for an extremely low price, thus, making this product excellent value for money! Just check out the details below, to get some idea of the potential offered by this PC component. If you haven’t already researched this…

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PC Tech Help

Stuck CD – Force Eject »

Stuck CD – Force Eject

Force Eject A Stuck Disc. Diy Computer Repairs  shows you how to force eject your drive.  Ejecting of the drive can be done without…

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Your First PC »

Your First PC

So You Bought A Computer So you’ve been out to one of the local Computer stores, probably had a 5 minute chat with some…

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Remote PC Repair Service »

No Fix – No Fees – Guaranteed   Here at Diy Computer Repairs, we realise that not everyone is up to speed on being…

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Create User Accounts »

Create User Accounts

How To Create A New User Account In XP   Many of you out there will be fairly new to computers, in fact this…

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Convert .docx Documents to .doc »

Convert .docx Documents to .doc

How to convert the new .docx documents to .doc extension..? Docx documents are the new extension of Microsoft Office 07,  to open a document…

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Getting The Balance Right »

Getting The Balance Right

Planning Your System With the wealth of information constantly available at your finger tips, it is not surprising that a growing number of PC…

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 »

War raged amongst mobile operating systems with mobile users being split against the i-OS and the uprising Android. These 2 new contenders in the smartphone market has ripped the customer base totally off the seasoned players in the mobile market like Symbain (Nokia) and Windows mobile OS. Even the notorious Blackberry that was once the […]…

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Basic Knowlege Of Computers And Computing Part 3 »

Basic Knowlege Of Computers And Computing Part 3

Basic Knowledge of Computers and Computing   Here’s the 3rd episode of Basic Knowledge Of Computers & Computing. If you have not seen the first part…

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Best Headphones »

Best Headphones

Anyone can find it a chore when it comes to choosing suitable headphones for themselves. Being so critical when it comes to the music quality,…

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Good Tablet PCs »

Good Tablet PCs

Making a Choice between so many good tablet PCs is a difficult task for one and all. In this article, I will explain what issues…

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Comp Security

Safe Surfing »

Safe Surfing

Safely Browsing The Internet No! you can put your surfboard away, we are not talking about that kind of surfing, we are talking about “safely…

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Computer Viruses »

Computer Viruses

One of the most annoying and frustrating times with any computer is the day you pick up an infection, whether a virus, spyware or malware.…

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Free Computer Virus Scans »

Free Computer Virus Scans

Free Computer Scans Below you will find 4 products listed These products are not listed here because I get paid to advertise them, they are…

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Prevention better than cure

Prevention better than cure »

Why is prevention better than cure..? Because preventing any infections in your computer, will safeguard your data & your privacy from possible loss, theft or even both. There are times when your Anti-Virus package may have lapsed & you are unaware or in the process of acquiring a new one, rather than leaving your PC […]…

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